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Stay informed and up-to-date with what we are doing!

Stay informed and up-to-date with what we are doing!

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If you’re considering hormone pellets, you probably have many questions.


Hormone pellets are small discs or cylinders containing compressed hormones. They are designed to mimic the body’s natural processes by releasing hormones at a steady rate that maintains predictable hormone levels.


Whether you are considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for the first time or thinking about switching from a different administration method, one of your most pressing questions may be are hormone pellets safe? Taking a closer look at the benefits and the risks of this innovative treatment can give you the answers you need.


What are hormone pellets made of?


Bioidentical hormone pellets are custom-made by a pharmacist according to your doctor’s instructions. They will typically contain plant-based hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and/or DHEA, that have been engineered to match your body’s own hormones. They will also contain inert ingredients, including binders and lubricating agents such as stearic acid or cholesterol. The exact formulation and dosage will depend on your needs.


How are pellets implanted?


Hormone pellets are implanted during a 15-minute procedure in your doctor’s office. A small area on the hip or buttock is cleaned, and a local anesthetic is injected to numb the site. Through a small incision, the prescribed number of pellets are implanted in the fatty tissue just below the skin. A sterile dressing is then applied, and you leave the office with instructions to ice the implantation site and keep it dry for a few days. Most people find the procedure to be quick, easy, and pain-free.


How often is implantation required?


Once in place, the hormone pellets break down and are absorbed into the bloodstream at a constant rate. Most people will require pellet reimplantation every 3-6 months.


What are the benefits of hormone pellets?


The primary benefit of hormone pellet therapy is that it effectively relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal fluctuation or decline. While many forms of HRT can do this, pellets are unique.



Because hormone pellets last for 3-6 months, patients typically find them very convenient. When you’re able to set it and forget it, it’s easy to adhere to treatment. This is very different from oral or topical therapies that must be taken or applied daily or injections that require visits to your doctor’s office every few weeks.



The steady rate of hormone release helps you avoid the hormonal fluctuations that often occur with other delivery methods.


Are Hormone Pellets Safe?
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